I was born in a sunny and coastal city where many people dream about living their old age. Furthermore, I also like its food, its people and their customs. Definitely, I love Málaga.

Since childhood I have been really keen on animals, plants and nature, and so finally I ended up studying a BS in Biology. On the other hand, I also love enjoying the life with my wife, the woman I'm totally in love with. She is my greatest inspiration and support. :)

And still I tell you a little more from me: My passion for capturing memories also allows me to serve as a photographer at INPAVI NGO (Integrate into life) which takes care entirely of people at risk of poverty and social exclusion and that besides, it organizes events for children, youth people and adults as well.

And, of course I also want to SERVE you and know your story: I really want to know you guys!

Micah 6:8 "But he’s already made it plain how to live, what to do, what God is looking for in men and women. It’s quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbor, be compassionate and loyal in your love, and take God seriously."



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Why do I shoot weddings?

Some years ago, I started with nature photography. I loved waiting for animals appearing in front of you and still do, taking photos of plants and also landscapes.

But one day, out of the blue, I found myself being mesmerized for the wedding photography. So I went to Madrid and attended to a social and wedding photography workshop. And there, it all began.

I kept on attending to more workshops, some of them One to One workshops, learning more and more and trying to get my own and unique style. And still do!

Furthermore I strong believe in love and marriage, and being a witness of two people while promising unconditional love each other in front of their loved ones is a privilege. And I am keen on capturing those moments. :)

Why choosing me?

I am a person who loves serving people, knowing their needs and give them away part of my time. And I also do it in my job.

From the very beginning you say to me: I do. I will be available to help you to organise your wedding. I know lots of suppliers (most of them are now colleagues) and also got married 4 years ago, so I will put all my effort to do my best.

By that, I want you to tell me everything. As by knowing all the details I will work much better at that day.

And so, you will only be worried about relaxing and enjoying at your wedding day!


We were super happy with Kino as our wedding photographer! Everything from first contact and correspondence, having a pre-meeting to talk about our expectations, the wedding day shooting and most importantly - the pictures were all excellent. Kino is very friendly and eager to make the best for his customers. During the day of shooting he is very subtle, but at the same time in control to get the most important shots from the most important day. I highly recommend him as a wedding photographer!

Boda en Carmen de los Chapiteles Alhambra wedding

01. Andreas

Kino gave us the best experience we could hope for with our wedding. He is a very calm a nice person and the pictures looked amazing and very natural. He was always in the right place at the right time to capture the moment. I really recommend Kino as awedding photographer!

Boda en Carmen de los Chapiteles Alhambra wedding

02. Mayes

He led us to a very comfortable moment and we were no longer afraid of the camera and the photos were doubtlessly amazing. We hope Kino is going to continue the career and capture special moments among couples. Thanks again for having us!

post boda internacional en hong kong y china

03. Nicole

Having a nice shooting experience with Kino in Hong Kong. So professional and good at Capture the natural moment during shooting. Makes you feel convertible and relax. Also you will see the unique in every single photo. Not like the same old wedding style thing. Worth to having Kino in your wedding.

Novia otaduy en china wedding hong kong

04. Hoi Lun

We spent a day with Kino at our house and outside on a frozen lake as an amazing photo location. At first I was a little bit nervous and shy, but during the session I was less nervous in front of the camera. Kino is very professional, sympathetically and patiently. We felt really comfortable and had a great time with Kino. The final photos are so beautiful, so full of love and passion of an great artist. We love Kino‘s photos and his lovely photography style. Thank you Kino for your amazing work and spent time with us in Hamburg!

Engagement in Hamburg Germany wedding photographer

05. Vernessa