This is me!

How a biologist ends up working as a wedding photographer will be told you with a coffee but it is very related with my passion for trekking, nature and people.

For me it is not easy talk about me, but I LOVE weddings because…

She is my wife Laura, loves travelling but, above all, Paris

And is always folling around

And likes the little gifts

When I'm not shooting!

Trekking, sunbathing on the beach, crossfitting, drinking tea, preparing healthy meals together, waiting for our new member (a beautiful baby), reading, staring at the belly, going for a walk and meeting new places.

What will I do in your wedding?

Charging batteries, inserting cards and filling them with pictures. We're going to spend lots of hours together and want to capture what is happening around you.

Besides that, I am willing to enjoy, laugh, dance and shoot all the time.

Before the big day takes place, we'll talk a lot. I want you to know your story and all you are expecting to happen that day.

inpavi malaga

Integration For Life

Apart from being a member of this NGO, for me it is very important to be a volunteer by spending a part of my time helping people.

The main goal of this NGO is to transform people lives, no matter if you need help or if you would like to help and don't know how. Click the link and discover how it works!